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About our Masks!

All masks are sprayed with 80% alcohol before being placed in the bag. They come with adjustable elastic that goes behind your ears. Upon request, masks can be made to go behind the head with an adjustment loop. There is NO wire for the nose because it actually makes it fit worse in this pattern. There is also No pocket. We have done ‘the candle’ test as well as ‘the spit test’ and have had no issues.

Our masks are good for working out, chewing gum, instructing, and talking because they create a pocket between your mouth and the fabric.

The mask fully covers the nose and mouth and sits below the chin.

Our masks have gone through rigorous testing.

We have modified the pattern to fit as comfortable as possible it should be snug but allow your mouth to open. If it goes into your eyes when you look down you might want to move down a size.

We pre wash and dry the fabric to reduce shrinkage once the masks are finished. We have washed our masks in the washing machine many times with no issues!

Notable sales:

Venture Martial Arts

U.S. Mint employees prefer our mask over any others!

BVSD teachers and Employees

Frontier Airlines

Community Food Share – Food Bank

Las Vegas dealers – over 50 sold !!

MSD teachers and staff LOVE them!

Adams 12 schools