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My life is messy. Period.

Being a mom to 3 rambunctious boys some with sensory issues and some anxiety issues can sometimes be overwhelming. I am also a sister to someone on the Spectrum, my mom has metastatic breast cancer and many of my girlfriends are mothers of special needs kiddos. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in all our lives ALL OF THE TIME.

I tinker to let stress out of my body! I make and create and knitt and paint and I sound like an ADHD maniac because I might just be! I love to create! I love to bring smiles to other peoples faces.

When Covid started we knew we needed to wear a mask that we could wear! The mask-making began as one of my many ADHD projects. I started making masks for my family, specifically for my boys so they would keep them on their faces! My girlfriends then noticed that all 3 boys didn’t mess with their masks and started asking if I would make masks for their kiddos, especially the ones with sensory issues or ASD. Life is hard enough without being uncomfortable and masks are a part of our new normal so why not pick the fabrics you love, in a design that you can breathe in and support a mom-owned business that is nothing but messy!